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A company’s monetary achievement relies most importantly upon the individuals who work there. Their creativity, responsibility and enthusiasm are the foundation from which new thoughts, innovative products and smart marketing strategies come out. But it is only possible to make the best use of this capability when the structural conditions are right: That includes personnel being able to work collectively on projects regardless of when or where, information is easy to find, and processes running swiftly and smoothly. In short when people can realize their full potential in their work. We at Inciem create the freedom necessary for this to happen – with smart planning, innovative strategies, new ideas and business software for people.

Since early 2013, Anoop Sasidharan & Akhil Sukumaran started freelance IT Service and web development under the brand Inciem, we have been modernizing business processes and IT structures by applying and helping business solutions. We always use the technologies that best suit the respective project’s requirements.

The focus is on people

Software is not a voodoo. It is a tool that supports people to take care of regular tasks more simply and efficiently, provides shape and makes accessible exactly the data required for the task. We at Inciem develop software that,

  • is easy to know
  • is easy to use
  • makes information clear
  • is useful to people in their regular work

In other words: We build software that delivers optimum backing for people in their daily work.

More than

Our objective is to make sure digital processes, business culture and ways of working all fit collectively. Our software projects are therefore matched by a comprehensive range of consulting services dedicated above all to process optimization and to the management of projects and organization. Consulting is particularly important for digital transformation projects because there is much more to going digital than just “technology”.

The reason behind this is that there is a never-ending process of change, which is decisive for the ability to deal with future tasks and maintain competitiveness. Our consulting approach, therefore, begins with a broad analysis of the company’s digital maturity level. Building on this information, we develop a company-specific vision, concrete goals and a digital roadmap that shows the path to digital makeover.

We are there for you

We are capable to work collectively with our clients on equal footing since we have a deep insight of their corporate cultures, their specific ways of working, their processes and the market requirements that they are confronted with on a daily basis. We provide workshops, training, webinars, and special events to ensure that our customers can benefit from rapid knowledge transfer.

We are less concerned about technical perfection than on working together to find effective, cost-conscious solutions that are very handy.

Anoop Sasidharan

Anoop Sasidharan

CEO, Inciem

“I always find inspiration in thinking how much we can help our customers achieve more in business via doing the right IT and doing IT right.

Every method can be enhanced or renovated digitally. There is always a path to achieve a much higher return on members’ efforts and a business’s resources. A firm can grow charmingly. And a business can make its customers and members more pleased and even happier.

What I like is that success can be assessed. It’s potential to clarify it as the increase in revenue, return on assets, customer satisfaction, employee performance metrics.”


We want to be a reasonable, solid and expert accomplice to our clients by offering valuable and innovative products and services that contribute to their success. We always use feedback from our customers to ensure a continuous improvement process for our products and services.
We always have its focus on people. After all, it is the people we work with who decide whether our system or service is efficient or inefficient, who judge its strengths and weaknesses, who experience joy or frustration when using it and ultimately determine if it is a success.
We deliberately seek after, promotes, and upgrades this way of thinking in the continuous improvement of our industry-specific and add-on solutions. Our aim is to tailor the functions, use and integration of the software optimally to the individual user and his or her requirements.


“To simplify technology for an everyday regular guy.”

Our Values



We work together as one team. We help others when they need it. We believe in collaboration & that the results are better when different ways of thinking & experiences come together

Respect & Care

We show respect & care for both colleagues & customers. We want the best for each other & respect each other’s differences and opinions. Differences challenge us & bring new perspectives that make us better.


We take responsibility & keep our promises to colleagues & to customers. In this climate, trust is a natural state of mind.

Strive for excellence

We always strive for excellence, to continuously develop ourselves & our customers, as well as our working methods & services. This gives us a competitive advantage.

“If you are looking for your next technology revolution, we could help you with advanced, engaging products and processes aligned with your Technology road-map”