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Elevate your business to the next level with ground-breaking strategy, fresh technologies and innovation advisors that help drive business value.

Technology will never stop advancing, it is the nature of the beast. So, having a Technology consultant on your side is essential: to adapt a strategy that fits, and to expose the right tech for your trickiest business challenges—no matter the trade. Our business consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design philosophy and agility, while also strengthening your legacy systems—at a pace that is right for your business.

Business consultancy

Our Approach to IT Consulting

We make IT to advance your business and revenue growth and help further help the development with a solid and savvy IT administration delivery process.

Doing the right IT

We do not bring in new technologies just to make your business “modern”: the principal aim is to bring noticeable business results with IT.

Doing IT right

We enhance IT services to get them more trustworthy and cost-effective and help bring in new IT services fast.

Services We Offer

Digital strategy consulting

We consult on turning IT into a major contributor to a business performance increase with:

  • A value-driving business-IT strategy.
  • A plan for IT service delivery optimization.
  • We power up IT’s role for your business by: Defining how to position and manage the IT function in your company: business-oriented KPIs, goals, optimal organizational structure. Preparing business cases for IT initiatives with ROI in focus. Building an IT roadmap on making modern technologies work for business outcomes.

IT strategy consulting

We create a policy that would bring collectively an expanded IT environment and make it work towards supporting existing business processes and driving new business ideas.

IT strategy includes:

  • A business-IT alignment plan to reinforce business processes with IT and introduce new digital business models, if needed.
  • A more mature IT operating model to improve operational efficiency.
  • An IT sourcing plan to cover skill gaps at an optimal cost. We segment your IT needs and determine which functions are better to be implemented in-house or outsourced to a single or multiple providers.
  • An application integration plan to expand end-to-end automation, avoid functionality duplication and introduce changes at speed required by the business needs.
  • A plan on improving IT service reliability and application performance management.
  • A plan on enhancing data quality in business-critical IT systems.
  • A plan on ensuring IT security and compliance.

Solution consulting

We analyse your requirements and help you make tactical decisions on the fast and effective implementation of business-critical solutions.

Solution concept:

  • Feature management and ordering.
  • How to integrate a solution into the existing IT environment to avoid functionality duplication, optimize implementation and operational costs.
  • How to maximize ROI.
  • How to ensure outstanding UX and user adoption.
  • How to organize further solution support and evolution.

Solution architecture:

  • Choosing between a product, a platform-based or a custom application.
  • Selecting components: applications, platforms, online services, and hardware.
  • Selecting future-proof architecture: cloud-native, serverless; microservices; service-oriented; others.
  • Achieving application reliability: resilient architecture, APM, performance testing.
  • Ensuring security and compliance.
  • Planning PoC to verify vague solution design aspects.

Solution implementation:

  • Choosing an optimal implementation method (Agile or Waterfall), assessing the need for CI/CD pipeline.
  • Ensuring quality: correct translation of business needs to software features, code quality, test coverage, manual and automated testing ratio.
  • Choosing an optimal sourcing model: in-house, completely outsourced, or mixed (dedicated team or staff augmentation).
  • Recommendations on project management to deliver a solution on time and budget.

We also provide related services:

  • Business analysis and requirement specification.
  • UX services.
  • Outsourced project management.
  • Training and knowledge transfer.
  • Continuous consulting support during the solution’s evolution.

Consulting on a digital transformation initiative

We help verify and plan digital transformation (DT) initiatives that will add the competitive edge to your business.

Digital transformation areas we consult on:

  • Digital customer experience.
  • Connected products.
  • Digital HR.

Technology consulting

We analyse the existing state of the technology area of your interest and assist in its steady evolution to make it play a more major role in your business growth.

Technology areas we consult on:

  • Cloud consulting: implementing cloud technologies to achieve a higher speed of IT evolution and reduce costs and migrating to the cloud.
  • Digital workplace consulting: planning organization of digital workplaces for better employee productivity.
  • Application reliability consulting: combining fast application evolution with high reliability.
  • AI consulting: using AI to upgrade operational processes and solve AI-tied tasks.
  • IoT consulting: optimizing business management with IoT.
  • Data quality consulting: ensuring a high quality of data from ERP, CRM, SMC, and other business-critical systems.
  • Computer vision consulting: helping build image analysis solutions for object detection, recognition, and identification.

“If you are looking for your next technology revolution, we could help you with advanced, engaging products and processes aligned with your Technology road-map”